Welcome to Perthfinder, GM only Carrion Crown Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path!

This wiki is here for some basic book-keeping purposes, like tracking characters and listing some rules.

Rather than trying to plan for an appropriate amount of players and splitting tables and all that, we’re just going to try run it with a core group of people. This core group is comprised of the last core group that played Carrion Crown.

Thus far it is:
Matt P

I would like to point out that the AP is made for 4 players, so if we have more players in each session, the DM will just add more monsters in. This might unbalance the game hilariously, but if we learnt anything from Carrion Crown, it’s that player death is hilarious :)

To make your character:

1) Read this Rise of the Runelords: Anniversary Edition Player’s Guide

2) Make a character abiding by these rules:
- Pathfinder Society rules apply for the build with the exception that Item creation feats are back in (and you are not actually a pathfinder, so no faction).
- Standard Races only. Aasimar or Tiefling allowed with permission.
- No gunslingers.
- Paladins are allowed by permission only, so ask if you want to play one (I’ll add in some houserules to make paladins less desirable, like having to tithe money, or sacrifice magic items or something).
- Archtypes and prestige classes are legal in so far as they are legal in Society. One caveat, don’t make anything dumb or we’ll say no (paladin/ninja for instance).
- You either have to be good aligned, Lawful Neutral or True Neutral (TN only if you’re a druid or nature person).
- Use a campaign trait out of the player’s guide. There are 10 traits.
- All weapons and armour are allowed. Except Kikko armour, because I hate it. Also guns. No guns allowed.

Other House Rules: (yet to be decided)
Because PFS sheets are given out at certain points in the AP, we’ll stick mostly to PFS rules, but DMs do have permission to handwave things according to their whimsy.

Also, if you want to do something outside of PFS legal stuff (like summoning undead or something), make a request and we might allow it.

Also, not really a house rule but an important point!
In Pathfinder Society, it’s assumed you can just buy whatever you need. In the AP, there will be specific items for sale in any of the villages you go to. If you want some specific item that isn’t for sale, you’ll need to craft it. And with the huge amount of random items possible, a good old +1 greatsword may actually be fantastically rare!

Perthfinder Rise of the Runelords

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